The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe the Rhodope Skull. Kev shares his non-podcast experiences as famed archaeologist Indiana Greybeard, as Kev introduces us to the tale of a skull of an allegedly unexplained origin. Aliens? Predator? Aliens Vs Predator? Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull? Is life imitating art here as this Bulgarian mystery is explored? There is a lot of evidence in this episode as the origin of this skull is debated. Moonwalker has all sorts of ideas on what the skull could be made of, though Moonwalker may miss the one idea hiding in plain sight (that the skull is made of skull). Is skullduggery afoot? Is Danny Glover real? It’s pondered as to whether this skull is a remnant of the Atlanteans of Atlantis and their genetic experimentation (an outside theory on the Rhodope Skull). When you think about it, that Atlantis theory isn’t too far from the concept of Predators altering DNA to create the ultimate species and now that we mention it, this skull does kind of look like a… If that theory isn’t accurate, could this one actually be explained by secret military activity, or even Nazi military activity? Or land-octopuses? If only we could just get our hands on this skull and undertake some DNA analysis oh wait, somebody did. But just when answers were about to be reached, things became even more mysterious. Can the answers be found in what remains? Take a leap of faith with the probers as we cover all that and more on this week’s file.








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Music created via Garageband. Additional music via: - thank you most kindly good people. This episode was somewhat inspired by/parodying Indiana Jones and so of course the theme song aka The Raiders March had to be included, composed and conducted via legendary John Williams and courtesy of Polygram, Sony Music and Colombia Records. Hopefully the creators enjoy the shoutout rather than targeting us like the MiB’s. There was also a snippet, as is often the case when visions are discussed, of the Fortune Telling House Theme from the The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. This is one of Kev’s favourite themes to include with the game having originally been released on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System aka SNES in 1991 (Japan) and 1992 (North America and the United Kingdom/Europe). The music was composed by the legendary Kōji Kondō. Kōji Kondō also composed the very brief treasure sound effect which played when the Rhodope Skull was first discovered, courtesy of 1998’s The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time. When discussing the skulls resemblance to Davy Jones from the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise, there was a section of the ‘Shipwrecks’ theme from Sea Of Thieves courtesy of Rare and Microsoft and composed by musical genius, Robin Beanland.



Article containing many photos of the skull:

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