The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe the real-life Hogwarts - Oberon Zell-Ravenheart’s Grey’s School of Wizardry. That’s right, we are probing the real Albus Dumbledore and his real school for real wizard’s. It’s well established But It Was Aliens lore at this point that Moonwalker thinks that Harry Potter is a whiney little so and so. Today, as a birthday treat, we’ve prepared many potential alcoholic beverages for Mr Moonwalker and we have a drinking rule as follows:


1 shot: G insults/displays negativity towards the Harry Potter franchise.

2 shots: G insults/displays negativity towards Harry Potter himself.


If/once Moonwalker realises what the rule is:

1 shot: Insult/negativity towards wizards.

2 shots: Insult/negativity towards Oberon.


Anyway… We veer a hard left from Privet Drive to the 1960’s and experience some free love with real wizard folk. We get behind the man who would one day create the wizard school; exploring his academic background. We also explore Oberon’s wife (one of them, at least) Morning Glory and learn that she played an important part in a certain free loving movement. Along the way we discover that unicorns legitimately existed and didn’t look quite like how popular culture has taught us. Grey’s School aka Hogwarts teaches a seven year curriculum and you are sorted in to one of four houses. We can’t think where the inspiration for that came from. We even get the chance to examine official wizard robes in this one. But having learned all of this, where is the school actually located? In a sense, it’s all around us… All that and more on this week’s file. Was Kev too easy on Granville? Let us know. But also pray for The Walker of Moons - next year may be rough.



Oberon Zell-Ravenheart’s Headmaster’s Welcome to the Grey School of Wizardry: 



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Harry Potter Hedwig’s Theme and the longer ‘Main Theme’ (from which Hedwig’s Theme was subsequently snipped from in later movies following its success), were composed by the wonderful John Williams. They were conducted by Mr Williams along with William Ross, performed by the London Symphony Orchestra.

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