The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe the Montauk Project - the alleged real life inspiration behind Stranger Things. This episode gets a little dark in places. In this episode we are talking government shenanigans, we are talking conspiracies, we are talking mind control, we are talking teleportation, we are even talking time travel. We’ve all heard the rumours of America discovering Nazi gold at the end of World War Two, but have you heard the rumours about where America spent the money? Was contact made and technology exchanged with Reptilian aliens? Was Stranger Things’ Eleven really a Montauk Boy experimented upon in The Montauk Chair during a secret exploration of psychological warfare? Did this experimentation manifest creatures from the minds of children or from another dimension and does this explain the Montauk Monster which washed up on the Montauk shore in 2008? Are the U.S. Department of Energy, who own the nearby Brookhaven National Laboratory, to blame? Can we trust what the Relativistic Heavy Ion Collider, a particle accelerator, is up to (just like CERN)? Or is all of this actually being released by government agencies to cover up the truth of what is going on at these sites, involving nuclear activity or possibly LSD experimentation? This episode connects closely to one of our upcoming Patreon exclusive episodes (at time of recording), the Philadelphia Experiment. This may be among the most confusing and hardest to follow episodes we have yet completed but all that and more on this week’s file.








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