Hollow Earth

The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe the theory of the Hollow Earth and who’s inside it. Did Dick E. Byrd discover the hidden entrance to the Hollow Earth at the pole’s? The same hollow earth discovered by the Nazi’s? Is it another city or a whole other world down there? The mechanics of how that would work are frankly, mind-boggling. But then how could so many human civilisations have the same stories of a hollow earth and the underworld? How are the aurora borealis and aurora australis involved? Did we mention the link to Transformers and the Terminator? Oh, by the way, do you remember in school being shown pictures of the earth or even globes with a massive hole in the North Pole? Or did NASA get to your school too? I suppose all these arguments could be ended if we just drilled down in to the earth and proved that what should be down there, is down there? Oh, wait… We did that already and it wasn’t? Oh my. All that and more on this week’s file.



Ancient Aliens: Season 10, Episode 6 YouTube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=M7vt5paORIc



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