The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe a couple of Tosser’s aka Tosa’s (we’re British after all). But what happened to these Tosser’s we hear you ask? Well, they just may have been visited by a group of Gandalf Gnomes playing knock and don’t run on the elderly couple’s door. Aka cherry knocking. Aka gnoming, coincidently. You know that to be a true Gandalf the White, you need a staff but what exactly does that staff do? What if you tap the staff twice? Before we really get in to the case though, we cover the important matters in life. For example, what people do when they retire. What does Guardians of the Galaxy’s Groot’s ballsack look like? Do some people really, really enjoy The Lord of the Rings? Like, really. Back on the case, if an unknown and potentially hostile extraterrestrial figure knocks on your door, you probably shouldn’t open wide to confront it but that is exactly what happened in this probe. But why were the Worzel Gummidge Gandalf gnome aliens here? Was this a prank or was this just literally a social visit? Alongside all of that, we ponder… What is the point of porches? Ultimately, does any of this even matter? All that and more on this week’s file.








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Music created via Garageband. Additional music via: - thank you most kindly good people. Of course when discussing our horrid Lord of The Rings sex cult concept, there was a theme (hopefully) from 2001’s Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring soundtrack, called Concerning Hobbits. The movies were directed by Peter Jackson with music by Howard Shore and we’d like to apologise to everyone involved in the making of these movies for what we came up with in this episode. There was also a tune from show favourite Beetlejuice by Tim Burton called ‘The Book! - Obituaries’ (distributed by Warner Bros. Pictures). This was composed by an absolute genius called Danny Elfman. Finally, there was a track from Kev’s favourite Buffy the Vampire Slayer episode which features The Gentlemen - Hush (season 4 episode 10). This was directed by Joss Whedon. Christophe Beck composed the theme used (which we believe to be called Enter the Gentlemen.

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