The extraterrestrial comedy podcast where we probe Carlos Mercado’s big night out. In July 1988, Carlos alleges, truthfully, that a group of aliens knocked on his window and offered to take him for a spin. Carlos would see many amazing sights, allegedly truthfully, but following his experiences Carlos did not dare tell a soul. That is, until Carlos experienced another sighting and met some researchers investigating. What type of aliens are being covered today, we hear you ask… It’s SEXY GREYS. Lots of telepathic aliens have been covered on this podcast but what if that’s wrong? What if aliens aren’t telepathic but are actually ventriloquists? What even happened to Carlos anyway? Before all of that, it is debated as to what Moonwalker would do were he to hear the sound of someone breaking in to his home… Screw your coffee table down, folks. Does Greybeard own a turtleneck? All that and more on this week’s file.








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Music created via Garageband. Additional music via: - thank you most kindly good people. Early on, you will also have heard the wonderful 1985 Super Mario Bros ‘Running About’, ’Underground’ and ‘Miss’ themes from the classic Nintendo game(s). These were composed by legendary Koji Kondo and played as we discussed Super Mario Bros. Memories!

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